Finding Inspiration In Others Successes

I love to hear about people quitting their day jobs to work full time online from home. There is just something soooo motivating and inspiring about that – especially when it’s a goal of your own.

If other people are doing it…why not me (or you)? So, my question is what does it really take to do this? What have they done that we can duplicate? A couple of things come to mind.

  • Not everyone’s situation is the same so we all must analyze our own lives. What is good to do for someone else might not be the best for you (yet). Sometimes there are things you have to get in order before you can quit your day job.
  • It takes hard work and sacrifice to build a business online (especially when you are working full time and have a family). As I have learned over the course of a few months it really takes a very disciplined person to continue doing the same things over and over (sometimes even when you do not see any results). Bottom line: you can’t quit!
  • You really have to enjoy what you’re doing otherwise you will quit! I don’t care what anyone says if YOU are not into it or sold out to building a business online – YOU won’t. This is where passion comes into play. Having the right attitude means everything.
  • Stop listening to so called “experts” and start doing what you know to do from the heart. It is good to learn from people who are legitimately making a living online but get one or two mentors and then DO the work (ha, I’m speaking to myself here).
  • Have a definite plan for how you are going to make money. Test and try different monetization techniques; ad networks, Adsense, affiliate blogging, and many other ideas. The key is to test the different ways to make money online and see what works for you. Work those things until you see results.
  • Don’t ever stop learning and growing. As trends and situations change online you have be able to as well!

I know that if we implement some of these actions and attitudes into our online businesses we will see results. And one day soon we’ll be writing a post entitled “Yay, I Quit My Day Job Forever!” 😉

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