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How To Find Post Ideas For Your Blog

As I dive into the challenge of focusing on writing the best blog content for one month I’ve been thinking of some ways to create content. Successful blogs are never short on ideas. Ideas feed our posts and are the lifeline of our online businesses. We have to be able to write great content and continuously improve on our writing skills to make it online.

Here are some ideas to stir up your mind so that you can write the best blog content ever!

Google Alerts – I’ve been using this for a while now. It’s a great way to get a wide view of a certain topic. You can get alerts from blogs, city newspapers, etc. Just type in your keywords and get updated every time someone writes on that topic.

Look To Your Local News – Pay attention to what they are talking about on the news. This is what is popular and what people want to hear about. Find an idea from the news story that relates to your topic and integrate it into a blog post.

RSS Feeds – What are others in your market talking about? Look at popular posts within your industry. Can you extract an idea and build a great post with it? Can you take the topic and write about the opposite?

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Handy Dandy Notebook – I use Google Notebook on the computer (but I also have a notepad nearby to jot down ideas when I’m not on the computer). This is invaluable and I’m going to be going through my notes for this month’s challenge. I have a ton of ideas in my handy dandy notebook (Blue’s Clue’s all the way :)).

Mind MappingMind mapping is basically a diagram of words and ideas. It’s brainstorming. Darren at Problogger wrote a great article on mind mapping. Check it out for more detail. It’s a great exercise.

Yahoo Answers – Some questions on Yahoo Answers are truly silly but there are some good questions asked. Find out what people want to know about your topic and post the answer to their question on your blog.

Stats – We’re not supposing to be checking our stats too much during this challenge. But, for research purposes ;), dig into your stats. Find out what posts have been popular. Check out which posts have the most comments. Find out what questions have been asked. Find a common theme and write on that. If you’ve been blogging for a while dig into your old posts. Is there an old post you can update with more information?

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Cool Tool: Here is an interesting plugin call Post Ideas that I just came across. It is supposed to help you with managing your ideas.

Get inspired and write the best content you can! Feel free to post more ideas in the comment section!

Challenge: Write The Best Blog Content Of Your Life

I just came across a post over at Daily Blog Tips that is challenging readers to do nothing but write the best content you possibly can for one month. Do not worry about checking stats or promoting your site. Just interact with your readers via the comment section and write, write, write. The thought is that success will follow. You will get more subscribers, traffic, and link love. Ultimately, this will translate into more opportunities for making money.  Success will follow – believe it.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while because I KEEP getting side tracked with other little projects. This has caused me to not be consistent in developing this blog and others. For parents who get unfocused easily (like me)…I challenge you to write the best content you can for one month.

After the month is over you can access which articles performed well and which ones didn’t. This will give you an idea of what your market is looking for.  Then you can write on those topics more.

Good luck and remember to stay focused on writing the best blog content you can possibly write! I can’t wait to see the results!