About eBP

So what is an eBiz Parent, anyway?  

There is a trend happening right now amongst parents. Many parents are looking for a better way to balance work and family. This is the new working parent – the eBiz Parent – to harness the power of the Internet to work online from the comfort of our own homes (or any where we want for that matter).

As a busy working parent I know first hand the struggles of commuting to a job, paying an outrageous daycare bill, being underpaid, and not having enough flexibility and control over my days. eBiz Parent was created to help parents find a better way than the 9-5 routine.

eBiz Parent is about empowering parents with the right information so that we can take charge of our lives and work on our own terms.

I’ll be covering topics such as blogging, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, networking and relationship building, copywriting, productivity, inspiration/motivation, social media, and whatever else it takes to be successful in online business!

Are you an eBiz Parent? I love hearing about what others are doing and have done to escape the 9-5. So, make sure to stop by and say Hi. You can reach me here and while you’re at it why not subscribe to my feed!

(Just a friendly FYI – all links are provided for your benefit and information. However, some may contain affiliate links.)

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