2008 Blogging Goals

Well, 2007 is basically only a memory now. The new year is approaching speedily. This is a great time to sit and plan out what you want to accomplish in 2008. I recently came in contact with a very inspiring post that has me thinking a lot about my future and my goals. You see we are in control of what we do…and what we DO determines where we will be in the future.

Setting goals is so very crucial to our success. I am learning this the hard way. If you are having trouble with setting goals and sticking to them here’s a short pdf on setting-goals (right click, save link as, to read it later) that should help you! Also, here’s a great post on How to Achieve Ridiculous Goals written by a Self Made Chick who knows!

That said, Daily Blog Tips is having a Group Writing Project on Blogging Goals in which we are challenged to write out our 2008 blogging goals (duh!). So, I’ve had to think about my 2008 goals. I know that I’m unhappy in my current working situation so I must do things differently this year to change my future.

This blog is a journal of what it takes for a full time working Mom to transition from employee to entrepreneur all via online business. What can I do to make this happen in 2008? There are a lot of things I have to do before I can quit my job but one thing I can do right now is write out my blogging goals. This blog was just started last month so with that in mind here they are:

  • Add a consistent 100 new RSS subscribers a month
  • Write 5 value added posts a week
  • 7K unique visitors a day
  • 90K Alexa rank
  • $2500/mo consistently
  • Get very involved in social networking

Now that I have some goals written the next step is to map out a DETAILED plan of action to reach these goals. And I’m sure as I think more about this I will add more blogging goals but this is a start anyway.

What are your 2008 blogging goals?

13 thoughts on “2008 Blogging Goals

  1. Christine O'Kelly

    Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for including a link to Self Made Chick in your post. What an awesome blog you have here! You can count me among your subscribers. I wish you all the best in your quest to escape the unfulfilling job!


  2. Bill

    Love that post. One of my favorite sayings is Don’t be a Victim. Too many of us blame everything except what is the culprit for our lack of success.

    Here’s to a great new year.

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  5. Lynn Terry

    Great stuff, Lisa! Thank you for the kind words and the link – I’m so glad you found the post inspiring. I felt quite inspired when I wrote it! 🙂

    I love that you stated specific goals, and that you are writing an action plan to achieve those goals. Way to go!!

  6. Lisa Stoops Post author

    Thanks Lynn! Your blog and forum are both really helpful too! Yes, I have to get really specific and plan out how I’m going to achieve these goals. I gotta make it happen this year – 2008!!

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